Banks in Zip Code 00738 (Fajardo, PR)

List of all 5 bank locations in Zip Code 00738 of Fajardo in Puerto Rico.
Click on the branch name to get detailed information about the branch.
# Bank Branch Address
1 Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Fajardo Branch Garrido Morales Avenue, Road No. 3, Fajardo, PR - 00738
2 Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Xtra Plaza Fajardo Branch Carr. 3 Km 4.2 Centro Comercial Plaza Fajardo, Fajardo, PR - 00738
3 Banco Santander Puerto Rico Road 3 Km 45 Fajaroo Shop Cntr Branc Road 3 Km 45 Fajaroo Shop Cntr, Fajardo, PR - 00738
4 FirstBank Puerto Rico Fajardo Shopping Center Branch 33 Km 44.7 Quebrada, Fajardo, PR - 00738
5 Scotiabank de Puerto Rico Plaza Fajardo Branch Carr. Estatal #194 Plaza Fajardo, Fajardo, PR - 00738

Bank Locations in 00738

Check locations of all 5 banks in zip code area 00738 on Google Map.
Location Map - banks in zip code area 00738


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