Routing Number : 067008414

The routing number # 067008414 is assigned to REGIONS BANK.
Routing Number067008414
Institution NameREGIONS BANK
Office TypeMain office
Delivery Address P. O. BOX 681, BIRMINGHAM, AL - 35201
Servicing FRB Number061000146
Servicing Fed's main office routing number
Record Type Code1
The code indicating the ABA number to be used to route or send ACH items to the RFI
  • 0 = Institution is a Federal Reserve Bank
  • 1 = Send items to customer routing number
  • 2 = Send items to customer using new routing number field
Change DateNovember 04, 2005
Date of last change to CRF information (MMDDYY) : 110405
Institution Status Code1

Code is based on the customers receiver code
1=Receives Gov/Comm
Fedwire Routing Details
Customer Name REGIONS BANK
Telegraphic name UNION PLANTERS FLA
Address MIAMI, FL
Funds transfer statusEligible
Funds settlement-only status-
Book-Entry Securities transfer statusInEligible
Date of last revisionNovember 07, 2014
REGIONS BANK Branch Locator


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